3 Reasons You Need a Private Community

Social media has become one of the most popular ways to promote business in the last decade. But with so many organizations vying for consumers’ attention, making a splash with your company against household brands can prove tricky; it’s too easy for your content to get lost in the noise. That's why you need a private community.

While social media still holds plenty of weight, consumers are looking for relevant content in smaller spaces. The days of creating content for many is becoming less common. Brands, small businesses and micro influencers now focus on niche audiences with targeted messages.

By using hashtags, you can hone in and interact with your audience. People rally around a specific topic and conversation they want to be a part of. Hashtags can play important roles in your small business promotion and increase engagement, especially with users who opt-in to get updates from your hashtag. This is where Willu comes in but more on that later. For now, let’s look at the roles:

1. Hashtags have more power when they’re personal

Trying to get someone to interact with your brand on social media with #TBT is unlikely to result in anything tangible. You are competing with a million different people posting within nanoseconds of each other - your post will be buried before anyone has a chance of seeing it. But when you start engaging in a smaller environment, suddenly your hashtag takes on greater value.

It’s a way to catch people’s attention and give them an idea of what to expect. Say you’re a local pizza restaurant and you’ve just struck up a partnership with a nearby ice cream parlor. You can use #pizzaNicecream as the headline to alert your audience about any special deals you run.

Engaging using hashtags you own gives you more control in a private space where you spur conversation, provide updates and get instant reactions.

2. Hashtags are the gateway to creativity

You own Willu hashtags and can create as many as you want. They are conversation starters and act as a starting point to elaborate further on your small business and specific sections within your set up. Create a hashtag, get direct feedback, and create new hashtags to refine your targeting and nurturing campaigns. The best part is that your followers opt in, so you know they're dedicated

Maybe you’re a fashion designer and want to update your audience with a weekly blog post. You can create the relevant hashtag and use that to update your followers weekly. When they see the hashtag alert come through, they will know that they're about to get their hands on a juicy article.

3. Hashtags are more powerful when your audience is already invested

The context of how people consume content is changing—they want more personalized interactions so they can feel more involved. Use Willu to create private hashtag communities and increase visibility and engagement.

SMS—which has a 98% open rate—gives you the opportunity to develop relationships with the use of an opt-in service. There are no ads, nor spam—subscribers sign up to your hashtag because they want to engage with you.

Join Willu now and start forging deeper connections with your fans, followers, and customers.