3 Things Real Estate Agents Should Do to Boost Their Chances of Success

It takes a certain nuance, discretion and patience to manage relationships as a realtor, all while displaying the kind of knowledge for a local area that would even impress town planners. You can find yourself being a salesperson, consultant, expectations manager and much more.

That's why it’s vital to possess a set of soft skills and tools to help you get the most from your contacts to maximize success.

1. Focus on personal relationships

As a real estate agent, you are the gateway to the most personal space someone can have—there are few things more important than buying and selling a home. That’s why it’s good to be an adept listener and understand your client's needs while simultaneously managing their expectations.

If you can give clients instant and personalized access, you will put yourself in a position to earn their trust. Strong relationships lay the foundation for realtors, who can get one step ahead of their competitors by proving their trust and offering a personalized service.

2. Keep communication going

The housing market chops and changes, and the smallest details often create a chain of events that can lead to the breakdown of a sale—from people changing their minds to unexpected financial troubles, and everything in between.

By offering continuous support to your clients, past and present, you are showing that you go way beyond an initial sale. Keep clients up to date with the latest market news, inform them when regulations come in that change how people buy and sell homes. Be the thought leader of your area with a consistent stream of information.

3. Stand up and be counted

The best real estate agents have their fingers on the pulse and are always thinking of their clients best interests. Use willu and owned hashtags to drive engagement and easily communicate with your clients. Notify your distribution list of a major market update with one text, or direct message one on one with a potential buyer about a specific listing.

Whether you’re using a willu owned hashtag to promote your services or  asking for feedback from current and previous clients, you will be one step ahead of local competitors who aren’t prepared to innovate to stay on top.  Take the extra step to be seen and heard to build your reputation as the best realtor in your area.

Reserve a hashtag and maximize your realtor game

Simon Banks

Simon Banks

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