Are You In? Why Opt-In Advertising is the Way Forward

Everyone wants their audience to enthusiastically pull up a seat at their branded table. But getting eyes on the prize (or, in this case, people interacting with your brand) is no easy feat. With the increasing amount of advertising options available, it’s becoming harder to communicate an effective marketing message in today’s complex media landscape.


Consumers are inundated with marketing communications, and they are becoming more resistant towards forms of advertising. Ad blockers have grown in popularity to combat some of the advertising and spam people receive online, and email open rates are dropping as consumers ignore communications.

It’s understandable why audiences resist advertising when it comes at them from every angle, often pushing services or products users have no interest in. Yet they still want to see adverts —just in their own time and way.

Instead, they would rather have greater control over what they see, which is why opt-in marketing is so appealing. Opt-in is a form of permission marketing which sees someone agree to follow-up information. Email offers opt-in, but the average rate is about 1.95%, as emails, in general, are still too populated.

A better way to opt-in

willu is an engagement platform where users opt in to receive communications. While email addresses get thousands of weekly comms, which are littered with useless information, willu subscribers only get communications when they actively subscribe to a hashtag.

As a result, they get a more personalized service that is private to them. Businesses, organizations and influencers who employ an exclusive hashtag have better engagement with their followers, either directly in the app or through SMS messages, which have a 98% open rate.

Whether you want to grow your influence, boost your small business, or update your audience with crucial information, willu’s hashtags provide the platform to get your message heard and engage on a deeper, more meaningful level.

Reserve your willu hashtag today and get your audience and followers directly opting-in to your communications.

Simon Banks

Simon Banks

Simon is well versed in artificial intelligence, the real estate market, soccer, and travel topics. He is also a big foodie, but would rather eat meals than write about them.