Build real engagement

Like, share, watch, comment, follow. These are the verbs of the digital age. This is what we all DO now, regularly and readily from the various apps and sites we frequent on our phones. Collectively they are recognized as a content producer’s key measure of success: engagement. We need people to engage with our articles, our posts, our videos because that has value, either to our self-esteem or to our bottom line.

Beyond the double tap from your neighbor on that vacation photo, engagement translates to real dollars. Chasing “likes” has become an actual profitable profession. The more people interact with your brand, the more loyal a customer they become. The more measurable feedback you receive on products, services and content, the more you can grow. But there are so many different channels pushing messages at us.

The battle for eyes and ears via traditional media has given way to a host of other things we need from clients, users, employees and whomever else matters to your organization. wiilu wants to be the catalyst for all these interactions. We’re focused on eliminating barriers so you can capture eyes and clicks as effectively as technology currently allows. Right now, that means using hashtags and messaging, either SMS or in-app.

Reserve a hashtag. Invite people to text that hashtag to a short code and opt-in to receive communication. Send updates, promos, alerts or requests for feedback like using our Thumbs, Star Rating and Emotion message types. Include links to social media platforms, e-commerce shops or other resources.

SMS enjoys a 98% open rate. Once people see your message, whatever else you lead them is up to you. Use willu as the first in a series of touchpoints. Drive engagement and build relationships in a direct, low-touch, attention-grabbing manner. Learn all the things you can get your followers to DO.

Vanessa Miceli

Vanessa Miceli

Vanessa is an 'elder millennial' who hasn't evaded the generational obsession with the internet. She loves learning about new companies, products and tricks of the trade.