Close more deals

Get on top of your sales outreach with a willu hashtag. Whether you’re a SaaS sales rep, realtor or an account exec, say goodbye to pipelines and old fashioned closing techniques. Instead, bring the conversation directly to your prospects with a modern engagement platform. Reserve hashtags to create event lists, gauge interest in new products, and stay closely connected.

Get started

Choose a unique hashtag that describes your service. Then share it, and the number to text, across social media, brochures, email, etc. to inform current followers and build a list of new clients. Immediately after your prospects send the hashtag, they will be invited to opt-in.  From then on you have instant access and uncompromised attention.

Nurture leads  in a more personalized way

Build audiences and present opportunities to new and existing clients with direct, personalized updates. Unlike CRM software, willu is incredibly flexible. Present a new bid, get feedback on a demo, follow-up in a way they will be sure to see. Everyone will feel like your top priority, and since they have opted in, you can be sure it’s not a bother.

Increase your odds

SMS has a 98% open rate, which equates to more eyes on your offer, or more foot traffic at your open house. Using willu means you have direct contact with your customers and prospects in a way that’s much more trackable than regular texting. Tired of sending messages reminding people to check their email? Send links to documents, videos, etc. Keep all outreach in one app designed to be on the go. Soon you will be crushing sales goals and quotas with less effort than before.

Sample Hashtags & Messages:

1. #AltmanRealty, “Price drop on one of our favorite homes. Come take another look at 305 Lorimer St. this Thursday at 5pm”

2. #DavidG@Oracle, “I’ve just received the latest contract and think we are a go! Here’s the DocuSign link”

3. #BizDevMediaworks, “We’d love to show you our new Data Center and how we can bring more value”

4. #ScwaabAdvisor, “Let’s set up a time to review your quarterly report and talk next steps”

5. #BestListingRealEstate, “Here’s the virtual tour of new building we’ll seeing later this week. Check out the amenities!”

Close more deals with a willu hashtag

Simon Banks

Simon Banks

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