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Cement your position as an influencer by truly owning a unique hashtag that personifies your brand.. Whether fitness or fashion is your thing, a willu hashtag can be your blog name, existing social media handle, or a catchphrase. It’s completely customizable and once it’s reserved with us, no one else can have it.

Get started

Reserve an original hashtag. Then share it, along with the short code to text, across social media, podcasts, email  - any way you want. Immediately after your fans send the hashtag, they will be invited to opt-in.  From then on you have instant access and un-compromised attention.  

Message directly

Effectively engage your audience via SMS or in the willu app. Send updates, announce news, and share special promotions. Easily broadcast a message to your entire following at the same time, or participate in one-on-one dialogue.  Willu provides a group chat atmosphere but only you can see and communicate with all the members.

Increase engagement

You can start maximizing your influence within seconds of choosing a hashtag. SMS has a 98% open rate, meaning a higher chance of getting  more eyes on your content.  Link to your Instagram story, YouTube page or blog article. Aggregate reactions like thumbs up or down, star ratings and emoticons to gain insights and give your followers more of what they want. Reactions are anonymous and messages sent only to you so you can reply back in a closed thread. With willu you can create personal connections and build a highly engaged audience.

Attract new followers

For users who have downloaded the willu app, the Discover section presents a list of categories to explore. Under each category a list of hashtags are displayed which the user may choose to follow, including yours. Once a user follows a particular hashtag, they will receive messages through the app and/or via SMS, depending on how the hashtag owner chooses to broadcast.

Sample Hashtags & Messages:

  1. #FrannysFashionFinds, “Bootcut jeans are coming back. See which brands are giving us our favorite remastered looks.
  2. #TheTeknofile, “Check out our review of the latest wearables on the market”
  3. #YogiDreams, “We’re so excited to reveal our new partnership with Hollywood’s favorite yogi. Stay tuned on Tuesday when announce who it is”
  4. #MommyInTheCity, “Hello Cleveland. We’ve just added you to the book tour so make sure to get your tickets now”
  5. #BrosThinkI’mFunny, “Let us know what you thought of our last video, and tell us where we should go next”

Grow your influence with willu hashtags

Simon Banks

Simon Banks

Simon is well versed in artificial intelligence, the real estate market, soccer, and travel topics. He is also a big foodie, but would rather eat meals than write about them.