How Artists Can Make a Huge Impression this Festival Season

It’s safe to say that we’ve all gone a bit festival crazy, with music events popping up left, right and centre. From Coachella to South By Southwest, you don’t have to look far to find established and up-and-coming artists performing somewhere in a field.

If you’re a new act to the scene, competing with some of the big guns can be tough—especially if you’re on one of the smaller stages. But there are still ways to drum up interest and get people flocking to your set.

Mix it with the fans

From the moment that you have been announced in the lineup, it’s time to start promoting your set to festival-goers and even other acts on the bill. Share your flyer across social media and other channels to drum up interest.

Ask current fans to share some of your previous performances and focus on building a rapport with new fans. Performing at a festival is an excellent chance to capture an audience that might not have listened to your music before, so it’s important to go all out with promotions.  

Go all guns blazing

If this is your first festival, make sure that you start in the grandest fashion possible. Now is your time to make a mark, and after all of that promotion, you’ll want to give attendees something to remember. Find ways to differentiate your festival set from previous performances.

You can even make hints about what your performance might entail when promoting your set. If you can generate a buzz and back it up with a high-level performance, then you stand a good chance of boosting your profile and gaining a new set of fans.

Make your fans feel wanted

Promoting your show goes without saying, but it’s also vital to make fans feel part of your performance. Set aside time for your fans, whether it’s through Q&A sessions or replying directly to them. Ask them what songs they think you should perform, and make them feel like their opinions and thoughts have a direct impact on your performance.

Look into running a competition, perhaps offering them a chance to go backstage at the festival. Use a hashtag to run any giveaways, and use it to get the word out. Your fans will appreciate that you have thought about them in the context of your festival performance.

Reserve a willu hashtag and make a great first impression this festival season

Vanessa Miceli

Vanessa Miceli

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