How Event Planners Can Mitigate Problems and Stay One Step Ahead

Whether you’re organizing a networking event, planning a wedding or hosting a grand opening, it takes a particular set of skills to pull it off successfully. Staying organized, delivering constant and open communication, and being adaptable are necessary traits of an event planner.

It doesn’t matter if your guest list is 100 or 1,000 people, the same problems can still arise—and event planners need to be quick to react to be able to mitigate risks. But regardless of how good you are, or how quickly you respond to problems, it’s important to have some form of help.

Trials and tribulations of an event planner

Being an event planner is a highly rewarding job, but it also comes with its fair share of hiccups and hurdles. In 2017, Forbes said that it was the fifth most stressful job in the United States. Such news doesn’t come as a surprise—event planners need to wear many hats and be prepared to change pace at the snap of a finger.

There are several pain points that event planners need to navigate daily. Last-minute changes are up there as one of the biggest grievances, especially when you think everything is going well and on schedule, only for the catering company to suddenly realize they were double booked.

Long email back-and-forths with suppliers and hosts can also become a tangled web of trying to locate  when specific details were shared and decisions made. Long wait times between responses can also turn minor issues into more significant problems.

SMS with Willu for event planning

Manage events your with ease by using willu’s engagement platform that is built using exclusive hashtags. Use direct messages, either in-app or via SMS marketing, to sell tickets, create invite lists, keep attendees updated, run competitions and reduce the risk of problems.

Everyone associated with your event can follow your hashtag by opting into the service. You can send direct messages or broadcast updates to keep people in the loop about last-minute changes or communicate directly with suppliers and hosts quickly and effectively.

It might be stressful being an event planner, but with willu you can minimize that stress and plan your events with more efficiency.

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Simon Banks

Simon Banks

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