How to Do Content Monetization Right

Being an influencer is hard work. From the outside, it looks like companies pay you to advertise their products casually, but first, you need to get yourself into a position where you’re in demand before you can start monetizing content—and that’s the tough part.

But fear not, as we have put together a few easily digestible steps to help you on your way to becoming a successful content monetizer.

Be yourself

You can’t beat authenticity, especially when operating in what is already an oversaturated market. The best influencers have enjoyed success because they have a personality that beams through the screen. They have also found their lane, appealing to an audience that shares the same interests as they do.

Take Victoria Valchev, a thrill-seeking Calgary native who caught the attention of 20k followers with and authentic an authoritative tone to her eye-catching social media photos. As a result, brands have taken notice, and she has earned sponsorships with retail, outdoor sports, and nature industries.

Be consistent

Many people start with good intentions when capturing their interests on social media. And yet they end up losing interest or giving up because they aren’t seeing their follower count grow. Everyone has to start somewhere, and it’s important to post a consistent stream of content.

Your follower count will start to grow, and you can use the experience to see what works and what doesn’t, changing and adapting as you go along. The hard work doesn’t stop—once you have a following, it’s vital to keep posting content that keeps them coming back to your social media page.

Look at the bigger picture

It’s one thing to gain some traction with a social media account; it’s another turning the content on your page into something that earns money. Ryan Glick, founder of Coffee N’ Clothes grew his popular Instagram account into brand partnerships with some of the biggest companies in the food, retail and fashion industries.

What started as daily pics of his morning coffee and work outfit grew into a community of people sharing their versions of coffee and clothes. Ryan managed to build on this community and encourage people to share using the #coffeenclothes, which caught the attention of brands. Before long he was building strategic advertising campaigns with major coffee retailers and apparel companies.  

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Simon Banks

Simon Banks

Simon is well versed in artificial intelligence, the real estate market, soccer, and travel topics. He is also a big foodie, but would rather eat meals than write about them.