Introducing Willu

To put it simply, we are a private messaging platform, built on hashtags. Whether you’re a realtor or an Instagram influencer, a doctor or a party promoter, a customer support leader or a school principal, we know that you need a better way to assemble and interact with the people who matter most to you, your business or your organization.

Willu allows for efficient and secure communication, either via SMS or within our apps, between hashtag owners and hashtag followers. These followers - your prospects, fans, colleagues, or donors, become your private network. All you need is a mobile number to get started.

Reserve your hashtag in our app using your business name, blog title, social media handle, or whatever you deem relevant. Share it across social media, email, printed materials, etc. SMS users simply text your hashtag to a short code and opt-in to receive messages from you as a trusted source. App users can find you through our search function.

With SMS, you can enjoy a 98% open rate, which means your messages will almost always be seen. Combined with hashtags, which have shown to boost engagement by 12%, and our commitment to providing a private and ad free service, willu provides the best way to reach the most receptive audience, aka your private network.

Willu also gives you the flexibility in how you communicate with that network.  You can send a broadcast message to all of your followers, or a direct message to an individual follower.  Share updates, promos, alerts and requests for feedback. Send links to drive traffic to your blog or YouTube channel, update people on opening times, promote your event—whatever is important to you. What’s great about willu is that any message you send to your private network can only be seen by them. And any response they send back can only be seen by you!

Try willu for free for 7 days and let us know how it’s helping you invite, broadcast, and interact!

Vanessa Miceli

Vanessa Miceli

Vanessa is an 'elder millennial' who hasn't evaded the generational obsession with the internet. She loves learning about new companies, products and tricks of the trade.