Manage a crisis

Never is it more important to control and expedite communication like in times of crisis. Whether you are a Public Relations professional, an individual with a large fanbase or an e-commerce brand with potentially disgruntled customers, it can be important to get out in front of situation before it snowballs. Message those who matter most so they can hear from you first.

Get started

Reserve a hashtag that makes sense to your fans, customer or constituents. Then invite that group to follow your hashtag by sharing it, along with the short code, across email, social media, and more. Once your audience opts in, you have instant access and uncompromised attention.

Own the message

Let’s face it, sometimes it’s all about damage control. There are thousands of people using the same hashtag on social media, publishing their message right above or below yours in a feed. With willu, you control the message and have more ownership over your audience. If your customers know you’re aware of an issue and already working on it, they are less likely to start submitting customer support tickets and bad reviews. If your client has gotten into what we’ll call a tricky legal situation, release a statement on willu before the rumor mill starts churning.

Increase visibility and improve sentiment

SMS has a 98% open rate, which is much higher than email and social media output. With willu, you can get the word out to your audience with the highest chance of it actually being seen, and likely before any competing press can interfere. In complicated situations, timing is of the essence. Sending a text is as easy and quick as it gets.

Sample Hashtags & Messages:

1. #TheRealChanningZatum, “It is with heavy hearts that we announce the dissolution of our marriage and ask that everyone respect our privacy at this time. Our official, joint statement can be found on Instagram

2. #ZionNetworks, “We apologize to all our customers in Westchester county for the system outage. Due to high call volume, we are experiencing extended wait times on our support line. We thank you for your patience”

3. #WalletPal, “To all our loyal users, we understand the magnitude of this data breach and are doing all we can to fortify the security of our systems. Please continue to check your email and in-app notifications for further details”

4. #StarcomStudios, “We can confirm today that our Chief Operating Officer, Charlie Weinstein, has been removed from his post, effective immediately. Thank you to the efforts and patience of all those who aided us in this investigation.”

Manage a crisis with willu hashtags

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