Organize your event

Spread the word about your special event and ensure smooth communication with your guest list with a willu hashtag. There can be a lot of pressure and lot of moving parts when it comes to hosting, but engaging all the right people through SMS or the willu app can remove many of the obstacles.

Get a hashtag

Choose a hashtag that is relevant to your event, whether it’s a sales conference, restaurant opening, or live performance. Then, invite your audience across social media, email and other means to text your hashtag to a shart code. Once they opt in you can start engaging directly via SMS or in the willu app.

Increase event attendance

Email and social media communications can often get lost in the noise, but SMS has a 98% open rate. Increase engagement and sell out your event with willu hashtags. Ready to disclose the exclusive venue? Need to change the date and time due to weather? Keep potential guests apprised so they have all the information they need to show up. Offer discounts on tickets  and early bird specials for a little extra incentive.

Make it personal

Meet event quotas, sell stands and increase networking opportunities all through SMS and the willu app. You can send broadcast messages with updates to everyone, but you can also direct message those key VIP guests or important exhibitors. Only you see your followers, and we never share phone numbers—it’s secure, private and a one-to-one interaction between your and your list.

Boost your profile

Generate buzz and Increase awareness about your event by leaking surprise appearances or sharing links to early reviews. Once the event is over, thank your fans, guests and vendors. Remind people to share pictures on social media. Get anonymous feedback from participants to make sure your next event is bigger and better - and seed interest for that too.

Sample Hashtags & Messages:

1. #TheHeartSpinners, “New tour date added - check out our updated schedule for last minute tickets”

2. #PoetryTuesdays@TheCafe, “Thanks to everyone who came out last night. Please post your pictures to spread the love”

2. #LincolnGalleryOpening, “Doors will be opening at 7:00 pm tomorrow and space is limited so arrive early”

4. #HexionGlobalConference, “Reminder that all attendees must be registered by close of business tomorrow”

5. #WeddingTradeShow, “A map of the venue has been uploaded to the portal. Please review to locate the service entrance closest to your booth”

Manage your event with a willu hashtag

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Simon Banks

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