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Hashtags won the makeover lottery. When Twitter first introduced them back in 2007, most of us didn’t even know to call them hashtags. The symbol was most readily known as the numbers sign, or the pound sign for all of us ever subjected to any kind of automated voice messaging.

Having ditched the glasses and the braces, hashtags ascended to prom queen status, quite literally becoming the center of the conversation. Embraced across all social media, hashtags assemble people with common interests to participate in shared, public dialogue. These things are powerful, but they can be better leveraged.

Using a hashtag gives people, business and organizations the opportunity to develop valuable relationships with their private network. A hashtag helps to categorize and qualify content, and perhaps most importantly, make it more searchable. With or without hashtags, the hope is that your social media posts will always be seen by your followers. But in a world of massive volume competing content, plus ever-changing algorithms, those odds are not in your favor.

Using hashtags allows your posts to be included in searches performed by all users, not just your followers. But because hashtags are so popular, they can be hard to couple. Everyone wants to date the prom queen, right? So while hashtags can be pivotal in sparking movements, it can be difficult to own the conversation to drive deeper business results.

Willu is a platform that lets you engage with the people that matter most—without the clutter. Instead of using generic hashtag, own exclusive ones that are relevant to your offering, whether it’s the name of your business, blog, event or organization. Once your request is approved, you can share your owned hashtag with your following via email, social media, printed materials etc.  and bring them into your private network. Users only need to text your hashtag to the short code and opt-in. After that, you can send private and broadcast messages with updates, promotions, alerts and more. There is no download or login required.

Hashtags are exclusive to you, and once you own one, no one else can use the same hashtag. Users can easily search for and follow it, but they will not receive messages under that hashtag from any other party. What’s more, on willu, those messages come via SMS which currently enjoys a 98% open rate. You get all the momentum of a hashtag without any of the roadblocks. You also receive all the benefits of searchability for users of the app. The same way users type in topics and interests on Instagram or Twitter is how they discover you online.

Unlike the fate of most prom queens, hashtags are enjoying ongoing relevance and staying power. With willu, they are matched with the increasing usage rate of direct messaging. Try it for free for 7 days days and start using a messaging platform that allows you to engage your private network with trusted content that builds valuable relationships.

Vanessa Miceli

Vanessa Miceli

Vanessa is an 'elder millennial' who hasn't evaded the generational obsession with the internet. She loves learning about new companies, products and tricks of the trade.