Promote your business

When it’s time to move product, sell out packages, or achieve record viewership you’re looking for the most effective way for people to buy, watch or register. Whether it’s a new collection, product or series, let people know what you have to offer and where to go to enjoy it.

Get a hashtag

Pick a hashtag that represents your brand, business or specific campaign. Share it, as well as the short code, with your social following and email list. Upon texting the hashtag, they will be invited to opt-in. From then on you have instant access and uncompromised attention.  

Increase engagement

SMS has a 98% open rate, which means that you can cut through all the noise, hone in on a qualified audience and effectively funnel them through to conversion. Remind followers when your sale starts and doors open. Alert them when your premiere will air or how to sign-up for a special contest. You can send links to wherever you want to route traffic, be it your website or app.

Keep it classy and efficient

With willu, your followers will never have to worry about spam. They text to opt-in and opt-out. We don’t share phone numbers and don’t serve ads. There’s no feed or inbox space you’re competing for. Plus, willu provides a private environment so if your potential customer has a specific question, you can tackle it one-on-one through direct messaging.

Sample Hashtags & Messages:

  1. #SummerSale, “Get up to 40% off of our 10-class packages to get in shape by Summer. Use code BEACHBOD”
  2. #BestDealBlackFriday, “Doors open at 5:00 am nationwide for our biggest early bird discounts!”
  3. #BravoSandy, “We’re hosting the one and only Britney on tonight’s episode. Make sure to send us your questions for her to answer on air”
  4. #GameofCrowns, “The countdown to the final season begins. Sign up now for our streaming service so you won’t miss the premiere if you are on the go"
  5. #BizInsiderExec, “Sign up now for our upcoming seminar and we can reserve your space in a live, fireside chat with our guest speaker”

Promote your business with a willu hashtag

Simon Banks

Simon Banks

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