Resolve issues faster

Keep up to date with any customer service issues and resolve them fast with a willu hashtag

Get a hashtag

Reserve a hashtag that represents your company or customer service team. Share it across social media, email and other communications. Once your followers have subscribed for free, send them updates, announcements and resolve any issues with speed.

Be the best customer success person you can be

Whether you’re a customer service rep, community engagement manager or CEO who wants direct feedback, using willu hashtags means that you engage with your audience directly and see where you can improve. Master customer relationships and increase your bottom line.

Increase engagement to solve problems

SMS offers a 98% open rate, which means that you can cut through the wait and have meaningful interactions with your followers. They can tell you about any issues fast and in real time, which helps you to be speedy in your response. We never share phone numbers, and only you can see your audience and their communications. Potential problems won’t go public, and you can engage on a more meaningful level with one-to-one interactions.

Sample Hashtags & Messages:

  1. #WidgetsCustomerSupport, “Now that we have closed your ticket, please let us know how you would rate the support you received” 1-5 stars
  2. #GadgetsHelpdesk, “We are aware of the current bug and are working around the clock to resolve this issue. Thank you for your patience.”
  3. #SaaSEmployeeFeedback, “Let us know if our new billing and accruals process is an improvement” Thumbs
  4. #OrdersServiceLine, “Due to a high volume of orders over the holiday season, please add 2-3 extra business days to expected delivery dates. We apologize for the inconvenience”
  5. #SistemCoHR, “As we manage the employee surplus post merger, we have set up additional office hours with counselors to ease the transition of those affected. Please schedule an appointment here”

Resolve issues faster with a willu hashtag.

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