Send critical alerts

Send emergency alerts and make sure that no one misses important updates using a willu hashtag. Maybe you’re an employer who wants to keep your staff safe in an emergency evacuation, or perhaps you lead an engineering team and need all hands on deck when a server goes down. These are notifications that need to be delivered within a small window of opportunity and shouldn’t be relegated to traditional channels.

Getting started

Select a hashtag that best represents your messaging and share it with the people who you want to keep in the loop. Engage directly and provide important emergency alerts to those who need it. Ideal for large enterprises and healthcare professions, as well as schools and municipalities.

Private, No spam, no junk

willu is an opt-in service, which means there is no spam or junk clogging up your messaging lanes. Send emergency alerts to people without any interference and make sure that your alert is seen by the right people in real time.  Follow up with individuals with private, direct messaging to check status or provide additional support.

Increase visibility

SMS has a 98% open rate, which is much higher than email and social media output. With willu, you can get the word out to your audience with the highest chance of it actually being seen. In those critical moments, don’t take chances with other communication channels. Ensure your audience gets the information they need to act quickly and responsibly.

Sample Hashtags & Messages:

  1. #WashingtonRoadClosures
  2. #SotreckDevTeam
  3. #LeagueNYOffice
  4. #LincolnEMT

Send critical alerts with a willu hashtag

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