Signal your announcements

Keep your community apprised of important updates, changes in schedule, or protocol. Perhaps you’re a local school that needs to quickly let parents know about a delayed opening due to weather. Maybe the deadline is approaching to submit new uniform orders for your team.  If you want to guarantee immediate attention, it’s best to send a text you know will be opened right away.

Get started

Reserve a hashtag that reflects the group you manage, then invite that group to follow your hashtag by sharing it, along with the short code, across email, social media, bulletins and more. Once your audience opts in, you can begin sending reminders, deadlines, and of course, achievements.

Increase visibility and improve communication

SMS has a 98% open rate, which is much higher than email and social media output. With willu, you can get the word out to your audience with the highest chance of it actually being seen. Your audience will never miss an important announcement again.

Get the feedback that matters

It is important to receive continuous feedback from your constituents in order to drive good results and keep morale positive. With a willu hashtag, you have an easy way to collect feedback by asking how they would rate the last fundraiser, 1 to 5 stars. Do they think the new council meeting format is an improvement, thumbs up or down. The best part is that their reactions are anonymous and comments private so only you can see them.

Sample Hashtags & Messages:

1. #CountryDaySchool, “Early closing on Friday in advance of the holiday weekend. Pick-up is scheduled for 1:00 pm”

2. #RacineRedhawks, “Rain delay like for tomorrow’s game. Please be prepared with extra snacks”

3. #StoweTownHall, “Reminder that the ballot is open for Proposition 83b. Get your votes in tonight”

4. #12thStreetYMCA, “Renovations have been completed and the pool will be reopening this Saturday”

5.  #RescuePaws, “Two tables still open for the charity gala next month. Secure your tickets or contact your network”

Make important announcements with willu hashtags

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