Texting cuts confusion for brands & businesses

There are a number of messaging options on the market that businesses and consumers can use. WhatsApp alone has over a billion users on it and all social media channels have their own form built in so you can communicate with one, or several, other people at once. We are living in a hyper-connected world and options are endless to reach customers.

For businesses, this can be a blessing and a curse as the options quickly become overwhelming. For traditional communications avenues, such as email and advertising, businesses have a pretty good handle on how to talk to their audience. Many people, especially businesses, aren’t sure of the differences in tone and style that each social media platform requires and it can be the wild west. Even for the savvy people and businesses, the different messaging possibilities within each social media platform gets out of hand to manage.

Facebook has posts, stories, direct messages, groups, and group chats to contend with. Instagram has posts, stories, and direct/group chats within its platform and will be introducing a new messaging option soon. Twitter has tweets, which most people just treat as condensed Facebook posts (which isn’t quite right), and direct messaging. For a business, if any customer wanted to reach someone directly, they have a number of options to choose from - and businesses have to monitor every single one.

On top of all of these channels, texting for business is quickly gaining popularity as it gets your message into the inbox of your customers. Willu takes it one step further and enables you to organize you fans, followers, and customers to broadcast to larger groups, small targeted groups, and even direct message down to single individuals. With Willu, all messages from customers come into one platform and on the customer side, there is only one platform they need to use to contact you - and it’s as easy as sending a text.

Texting breaks through the noise and communication barriers and simplifies getting your messages out. Willu leverages the power of texting and adds hashtags to enhance organization and nurturing to build trust and loyalty with your brand. For more information, visit