The DIY Approach to PR

Music first. That’s the mindset of many artists, which is why it’s not surprising to hear that the big stars often task an outside firm or agency with their PR and fan communication duties. But such luxuries aren't always available for indie artists.

Fear not, though, a self-sustaining approach is completely doable with the right tools. Aspiring musicians needn’t worry about the help of a  well-connected, expensive professional.

Finding your fan base

Improvements in technology have made it easier for artists to gather a following of fans without radio play and all the usual bells and whistles associated with building a reputation. Platforms like YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat have birthed a new way to gain fans. Finding an audience is easier than it was in the past. You just need to grab their attention with the right content in the right channels.

More than a musician

Once the online views start racking up, and record labels or music streaming services start paying attention, it might be time to hand over marketing reins to a professional agency. In the beginning, however, you will most likely need to be more than a maker of music, which means being your own marketer.

Even if connecting with audiences from a marketing perspective doesn't come naturally, it’s still possible to generate buzz. And you don’t need to bare all to your new fans; a little tact and strategy will go a long way to enjoying the big bucks of music land. Tease new releases and upcoming tour dates. Put up some live streams and hook them in.

Hack your way to more

Hard work, a little bit of luck, skill, and knowing how to reach an audience are essential components that go into becoming a successful artist. Some musicians take to the promotion side of things like a duck to water. Others need a bit more time to find their feet. No matter your ability to grow an audience, the digital world of today provides all the tools to succeed.

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Vanessa Miceli

Vanessa Miceli

Vanessa is an 'elder millennial' who hasn't evaded the generational obsession with the internet. She loves learning about new companies, products and tricks of the trade.