Top Tips for Business Owners Who Want More Qualified Leads

Marketers and business owners focus a lot of their efforts on finding folks who are likely to turn into paying customers and keep their operations moving. If these qualified leads were abundant and easy to find, we would all be millionaires. And while getting them be hard, it’s certainly not impossible as long as you have the right outreach and engagement.

Here are a few tips for busy business owners who want more qualified leads.

1. Create content that appeals to your target market

Whether you’re investing in search engine marketing, social media posts, or blog articles, take time to research your target audience and find out what interests them. Look at the forums they frequent and which accounts they follow on Twitter to get an idea of the types of content they’re looking for that will grab their attention.  

Tie your findings into your product or offering and start building marketing materials around the results. The content you produce might not strike a chord with the majority, but it will appeal to your core market—and that’s where you can find qualified leads.

2. Reach them where they live

Ok, so we don’t expect you to stalk prospects, rolling up at their home with a tent. That would be super creepy. What you can do, however, is reach them where they live digitally—and that’s on their phones. Or, more specifically, their messaging platforms.

70% of web traffic is on a mobile phone, with SMS messaging enjoying an impressive 98% open rate. The relatively low barrier of entry for reading a text message, coupled with the power of smartphones, makes getting content to the right people on a mobile phone a seamless task.

3. Be identifiable

Once you have established a strategy for reaching audiences and recognized the best places to get your message across, the next step is to make it easy for people to identify you. One of the ways to make yourself instantly familiar is by creating a hashtag specific to  your brand or offering.

When recipients see your hashtag, they will know straight away that it’s related to your organization. If you’re using an opt-in service to share your hashtag with updates, broadcasts and direct messages, you stand an even better chance of keeping your audience engaged and ultimately turning a qualified lead into a bona fide customer.

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Vanessa Miceli

Vanessa Miceli

Vanessa is an 'elder millennial' who hasn't evaded the generational obsession with the internet. She loves learning about new companies, products and tricks of the trade.